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Does anyone happen to have a BDM pod I could borrow for a day or two?

I’m finally biting the bullet and getting a new chip for my robot projects. The problem is I want to be using version 2.1.x of dbug12 on my older M68evb912b32 and run it in BDM mode when needed. Of course since this thing has barely been powered on since somewhere around 2000 it’s using version 2.0.2 of the dbug1`2 software. I’ve gotten the newer .s19 file from freescale who apparently now owns thie chipset rather than motorola. But because it uses some of the 2k bootloader memory space I can’t use the serial port to upgrade dbug12. so….In order to get it updated and all healthy to hopefully be able to play nice with the NanoCore12DXC32 I’m going to soon be owning, I need a bdm pod. :p

On a random side note, I was going to try to get a MC9S12NE64 but apparently it doesn’t like the rather pricey board I want to put it on.

On the bright side of things. If it all works out retard bot will soon have a tracked little brother who should be much more capable of taking care of himself.

EDIT: further reading seems to indicate that the MC68HC912B32 isn’t new enough to support the 9S12C32 chip that’s on th e NanoCore12DXC32 even if up update dbug-12. Which means I also need to buy a new bdm pod….Great -.-

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