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Monthly Archives: November 2007

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I hate flying alone.

I’m either getting sick or have the remains of severe allergies. It’s kind of hard to tell from the symptom list.

I’m still alive, still with my kittie, still working for the planet, and still the grumpy old cat I always am. But now I’m doing it with a pair of fingerless gloves from wal-mart. 😀

I have in fact regressed to the 80s and it is good.

I’ve been learning a lot about cisco lately, I’m currently working on convincing my 100mbps switch that it wants to do 802.3ad link aggregation to make my file server 400mbps… The switch and I currently aren’t on speaking terms and will revisit our little discussion another day.

Been through a plethora of moods lately from feeling left out, to panicy, to just plain loved. Max has a nice way of laughing everything off and reminding me that I can do that too as long as I keep my responsibilities. He really is good for me.

The big issue I’m having now is making meets that I really want to. There’s an informal one in the middle of the week I keep missing….which is a shame because I really like the people there. I missed guardian’s tonight from shear exhaustion. meh I’ll get better at it. 🙂

In other news the server is officially gone as of 11 minutes ago….I’m a little sad and heart broken over it but I know it was time.

The car is still having some issues at idle mostly after getting new plugs and cables. Dhaiul is supposed to clean some kind of filter to see if that helps and after that, as I understand it, I get to learn how to replace the coil pack.

It’s funny because I can figure out what’s where and relatively how it might work, but I can’t begin the troubleshooting of the monstrosity….I wish it were in a little case that I could rip apart and shove back together….Those I can fix.