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Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’ve been trying to learn the innards of wordpress lately.  To that end I now have 3 wordpress sites I’m running.   This one which is linked to my LJ and soon facebook and twitter.

One for a podcast idea max and I tossed around which isn’t furry related but aimed more as a helpful q&a thing for hosting.  I love the idea but I’m not really confident max and I can pull it off and I’ve gotten some bad comments on it already which has kind of shaken my confidence in the idea.

The third is for a project I’m building that I don’t want my real name or handle attached directly to unless it becomes successfull because it involves questionable acts. ;p

My healthcare has become very expensive recently but my manager and HR guy have worked hard to get some issues with the insurance worked out.   I’ve also bought a treadmill.  Since it was put in place Saturday I’ve walked on it every morning except this morning.  I’m proud of myself even if it is only 15-25 minutes a day and less than a mile walked usually.

I’m trying to get things straightened out but with only a week down it’s not showing exceptinal results just yet. :p

I’ve joined and fitocracy.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep both of them.   Ifit tracks everything automagically while fitocracy had a bit of a community behind it which is nice.  I joined a group for people who started ove 300lbs but most of them started at 301 or 302 not 430 like I did.  They’re gong a lot more than I think I can and that’s a bit of a drag.

So got stuff back from Dr.  They want me to go on a drug that will cost me $2,440 every 3 months.   The crappy part is I have “High deductible insurance” Which normally would mean I pay $3000 out of pocket and it’s covered….Except it’s a pre-existing condition so everything I’m paying right now doesn’t count.  So not including Dr bill’s themselves my medication cost alone could exceed $5,440 this year…Yeah Life’s great.

Testing a wordpress plugin.