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Monthly Archives: January 2009

So we’re still snooping without warrants and and giving immunity to the telcos who aid in said wire tapping. Where’s my transparent government I was promised? Yes, I know Obama supported both of these prior to the election but come on…. :p

I’d really wanted to do something like this at Furry Fiesta.

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My new candle for the bathroom.

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I’ve been thinking about people who have sketch books they use for cons and friends etc. I want something more practical for me….How hard do you think it would be to convince artists to draw me something on a fluxx blanx set? It would be there choice on how many of them they used and I’d just hand the pack of 5 cards over.

I don’t want to do it at a con…I was just thinking about maybe some of my close friends. Thouhgts?

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So my birthday has come and mostly gone. It was mostly unexciting, I bought another Patricia Briggs book and shipped my Xbox for repairs since it’s under warranty. Had dinner with Shadow and have now come home to reap the rewards of my constant drunken and now dehydrated state from the past 3 days.

I’m having trouble with Perl’s XML::RSS parser as I can’t seem to get it to pull the data out of the media:content tag since it’s embedded in the tag and not between two tags. I should be able to manage what I want with regex but I’m discovering my suckage at that again. :p What I’m after is I want to grab the new videos from at a set time and post everything new in a lj post using LJ::Simple. I was just going to parse out the the number with regex and use the embed information from qik to make it like the videos in my last post. This isn’t a complicated program to write and should not be causing me even half the trouble it is. I guess it’s true that you lose it eventually. :p

I’ve been playing with and I like some of the ideas they have but I don’t think the production software is really where I’d like it to be. I’ve gotten the urge to play with videos with my friends but everyone is camera shy and I find it frustrating to find a time where I can just take pictures or video with friends. It’s strangely isolating.

On the bright side, I have now joined the ranks of HDTV ownership. Max got an RCA CRT HDTV (yes three in a row!) for free from work. It handles 720P and 1080i so it’s better than the 480P I had before. but we have to cut the back out of our entertainment center to make it fit. Also we can’t seem to program the channels since we don’t have the remote for it. I’m thinking it’s time to drop for the xbox harmony remote.

Thanks everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday (In order of when I recieved them it would be Jamie, Storm, Sharra, Shelly, Shadow) 🙂

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