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Monthly Archives: January 2010

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I upgraded my server this weekend from a celeron 1.7 to a Xeon 3450 with 4 gigs of ram. In this upgrade I moved from a plain old Centos distribution to vmware’s ESXi hypervisor. I’m loving this. I have a firewall appliance, a webserver centos box with cpanel, a debian box with osgrid running and a centos box for my general “access” box from work.

The great thing? No slow down on any of them. I’m trying to dig up a windows license and play with it. I’m loving this.

Shower me with praise!

(P.S. This is in fact a blatant and outright cry for attention and I admit it. ;p)

I’m going to dave and buster’s at 8 tonight if anyone wants to show up. Kind of an impromptu birthday thing for me since my birthday is tomorrow.

Here’s an over view of the december for each of the last 10 years…assuming I had an entry.

dec 1999: I was at tech taking digital electronic design. I was already a technologist back then and looking for the latest and greatest toy or idea to ogle.
dec 2000: no entries for this year. I was living with shelly most of 2000 and we were going to tech.
dec 2001: I was living in Houston with shelly by now. We were alrightish I guess but I couldn’t find a job. I was petty about getting a wallet.
dec 2002: Shelly and I went to visit Sarkiran and Tokeki. I miss them and wish I still kept in touch with them. Shelly and I were apparently dating Sammy at this point which means I was out as bi and we were dealing with furries.
dec 2003: We were living in Dallas at this point. This was the year that we bought the car. I still have the car. Shelly was supportive of me being down about not being able to find a job. I miss talking to her about things.
dec 2004: I had a job at the planet FINALLY. I was working overnight and dating Jamie and living with Shelly. The one post I read I was missing Jamie and had a nokia 6800.
dec 2005: Shelly and Jamie had broken up with me and I was in a spiral of self destruction. I took a lot of abuse then because I felt I deserved it but in retrospect I think I took too much blame.
dec 2006: I was living on my own and after taking a lot of kicks was not doing well at all. I’d made my mark on our CEO this year by not fearing him and by standing up for what I believed was me guys’ rights. I’m glad I’m not a supervisor anymore.
dec 2007: By 2007 I was dating max. I’d gotten through my major life traumas and he had officially moved in with me at the hell hole.
dec 2008: Max and I were living in our current apartment. I was espousing the wonders of Repo! the genetic opera. We’d also started playing eve.
dec 2009: Life is OK. I can’t get a better job but Max loved his christmas present.

10 years and I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say other than this journal is too old. :p