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Nemesor Zandrekh from the front.



The body is essentially painted except for the washes and the sealer.  I’m not super happy with my colors up close but he actually looks good from a distance.  I still need to paint one part of the staff and do some touch up and He’ll be complete.   I wish I had a better eye for color.  It would make this so much easier.




I’ve done a lot of tedious painting on him.  My lack of skill is showing some with this model but I’m still mostly happy with how it came out.   I’m trying to decide how I want to paint his weapon so the hand is not done yet.  The head needs some more cleanup before I attach it.  It will probably get added tomorrow night.



I also need to invest in a whitebox and dig out my real camera.  The lighting and webcam aren’t playing along well with macro photography. :p



Well I started working on zandrekh.  I’ve decided He’s gong to end up having a lot of gold and silve on him since he’s supposed to mentally be trapped in the old times and ways. I’m playing with some ice blue glowing on his shoulder pads so we’ll see how that works out.




After playing with this I’ve decided I’m definitely going to prime in black and paint up from there.   As you can see it makes it much faster to get a semi-decent looking boy than the greenskin primer did. Neither is anywhere near finished at this point but the boy looks a lot better than the nob in my opinion.   I have to pained every detail of the nob whereas black works as a default color on the boy really well.  See the boots and the unpainted leather straps on the boy for an example of what I’m talking about.

This has also solidified that I have no intention of running an orc army beyond this 420 points that came with Black Reach.  I’m not enjoying these guys like I do the necrons.


So I’m two coats in on my orcs test painting to see which route I’m going to take.


At this point in the game based black with green skin looks the best.  but that’s because you can’t really see the wash on the other two yet and there is not strong contrast.   I’m relatively sure the center option is out since it uses army green which really doesn’t suit orc skin.  He’ll probably be simple greened tomorrow. or when I find my simple green jar one. :p

I picked up a destroyer lord top the other day.  I’m thinking about not fitting it on a destroyer body but instead using a  tomb kings skeleton horseman horse for the body.  Just clip its head off and pop on the body.   I just have to find a place to pick up a sprue instead of wasting $35 on the set.

I’d really hoped to have both the orcs and marines from our starter box cleaned and primed by week’s end but it looks like that’s not going to happen.   I’ve been doing the orcs and max the marines but there’s just not enough resources being pumped into this.
I’m also testing a plethora of cross post programs at the same time.   If all goes well I’ll be bothering Livejournal, Facebook, and Twitter with that oxford coma. 😀