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Monthly Archives: May 2008

If you have rockband, and I know some of you do. You should seriously look into the official drum noise silencers from EA. These things are nice. My drum is much quieter, (I can hear the drum on the game now.) and the rebound is decent.

I found them for 19.99 at the gamestop in Town East Mall.

Who’s meeting where and when??

Lots has gone on in my gaming life lately with little effect. :p

1. World of Warcraft – started playing again in hopes of having a chance to be social with some friends. Stopping playing again because they respond as much as the last time I tried playing. :p

2. Second Life – pretty much dead as far as I’m concerned…I get on to see how our house is coming along and get back off because there’s nothing for me to do.

3. RockBand – Playing again but sucking at the song I need to unlock the next half of the game on drums… My lack of beat and rhythm are showing fiercely here.

4. Starwars: Space Battles – We’ve bought a bunch of figures but haven’t played it.

5. Starwars: Miniatures – See above

6. Citadels – See above

7. Twilight Emperium – We need to get with some more friends to play this game…Maybe try to get Trev and shadow together with us.

8. Anti-monopoly – see above

9. 4-player chess – See above :p

10. heroscape – This we did manage to play on our new coffee table, barely. I really like this miniature game. The rules are fast, simple and exactly what I wish the mageknight clicks series was. I wonder if I can modify mageknight to use the hex board for this…hmmm *ponders*

11. GTA IV – I don’t like the learning curve this GTA game required….I couldn’t immediately go out and kill people because the fight system was complicated….Not a fan.

12. Pump it up – Been playing with Guardian and we’re both doing really well I think. I got half way through Turkey March and was doing really awsome before I had something akin to a heart attack and an annaneurysm at the same time. :p

I’ve seen a movie every week for the past month…It’s been fun going out with Max and Rakka and Devin. I like his family.

Iron Man is the best of the movies I’ve seen so far. (Technophile lust for iron man)

Not much else is going on in life. I really need to manage to be more social because I’m feeling stagnant. I guess I could invite some people over for a game night or something…I worry about the safety of their car here though. :p

I’ve signed up for AKON next week and am looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince paul to spend an evening drinking with me again like last year. I enjoyed that. 🙂

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I went to see it yesterday. Anyone who knows much about me knows I’m a technophile (yes in the sense that over use of technology is actually kind of attractive to me not in the misused nerd sense) and I will say that iron man is extremely hot. :p

Not a big fan of the nick fury avenger tie in but meh.

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