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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I had the park bench stolen from my porch today…My car is broken…I’m out of money…yay life.

My dearest Zelda,

After looking the world over and learning the ins and outs of highrule I have decided it best if I leave the triforce in the 8 pieces and the respective monsters to defend them. I realize this will greatly hinder my attempts to rescue you from gannon. But let’s face the facts, Fairy gives me the attention I need as a man and you berate my manners constantly until you are once again in the hands of that vile pig gannon. We all know you secretly have a thing for bondage and I think you should persue this desire with someone who is more skilled at dungeon creation than I am.

I have collected all the items of power in the world and am currently running a lucrative racket in the gambling parlor in northeast highrule.

I hope you find the happiness you deserve in the hands of your captor and possibly lover.


Ever have one of those nights where it seems like everyone else has something better to offer than you do? I feel like that tonight.

On the plus side, Max bought me the zelda game collection for my game cube and I”ve been playing dead rising.

Been spending too much time at the high tech bar lately. Need to stop that. Going to sleep now to stop bad mood.