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I’ve started building gundams and such models again. I’m working on a flame toys transformer model of windblade at the moment. You can tell they’re trying to mimic gundam but just aren’t there.


I’m also trying to finally learn gaslands and a billion suns. I’m hoping gaslands kind of takes off with my play group. But I need to actually learn it first.

We’ve been playing a lot of games lately and it’s been fun having a board game night. Our misuse of beyblades is super amusing.

Empty Epsilon

Empty Epsilon is kind of on hold. It was costing me like $300 in food when I’d hold it and I just can’t do that right now. People offered to chip in but that’s just adding another level of complexity to my already scattered brain. Max didn’t seem interested in wrangling that aspect so I’ve kind of let it go.

I’m working on rebuilding the game so that it is on debian to match the developer and get the deployment in ansible so it’s easier to maintain in the future. It’s a lot of work and similar to what I do at work so going is really slow due to not wanting to “work”. I kind of wish I had friends who would come over and just chill so I could show the work to as I go. But no one really seems to get what I’m doing just the end state.

AI Art

I’m working on stable diffusion and playing with AI art. I know a lot of people hate it, but since I’m not sharing what I make with it outside of a few friends, it’s just an amusement for me and fun to see what I can make my characters do.

Training is super confusing and I wish I could wrap my mind around it as I think having my choice characters trained as models would make it so much easier.

3d Printing

My prusa mk2.5s/mmu2s finally had a catastrophic failure and ripped out the temp probe. I replaced it with a Revo hotend and am loving it. I’ve not changed a nozzle so many times to new sizes EVER. It’s got me trying to print a lot of things again.

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