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Monthly Archives: February 2002

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to azdor. 🙂 He’s a silly kitty. He likes me because I care so much about other people’s feelings. 🙂

god I’m good at fucking things up… I asked Fiona not to correct David’s spelling and nowI don’t think she likes him. 🙁 turns out David wouldn’t have cared.

I’ve made a bunch of new friends on furcadia in the last week. 🙂
Fionalite– a hard nosed vampire who has had a few silly and cute moments.
likes bobcat and bunnies. Dating Autero
Sharra d’lammo– Silly vixen with 3 tails. has a tickle fetish and likes Azdor
likes pasta, root beer, and strawberry spring water(heavy fountain!)
Azdor– Cute kitty who wants to be big and imposing. He has a heart of gold.
I’m also his nemesis. 🙂 Imagine a pacifist de clawed kitty as being anyone’s
nemesis. 🙂 Has the hots for Sharrah.
Likes coffee with chicken and gin, sushi and gyosa. Insane about skittles.
Autero – A good doggy who is a wonderful artist. 🙂 Now dating Fionalite
Likes coke and skittles
Cesaire- warper of minds.
Likes rawhide flowers or something?
Rowena Silverpaw – Cutey bunny. MINE!
Likes D.P.
Gwaland – Me! Evil genius kitty bent on warping Azdors mind. Has the mind of an
innocent 5 year old in a jar. Extremely hyper and is a pacifist that was
de clawed. He likes shinies and has ferret from his dad’s side and golden
retriever from his mom’s.
likes ice cream. 🙂

Sigh it looks like I’m going to be paying 9.99 for a stupid CD. They claim to have an infallible technique for handling items that were sent with the laptop that were not required. I hope they send me another little e-mail thing with service questions.

They’re claiming it’s best buy’s fault and best buy naturally isn’t at fault so it looks like in 24 hours I either have to pay 9.99 for a CD that one of them lost or I’m screwed. :(.

fryes has gameboy colors on for 69.95 each. guess they have way to many of them.