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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Happy birthday Shadow. :p

They’re showing run lola run at midnight in the inwood. Anyone interested in going?

And since I never embed youtube videos I’ve racked up quite a few points…so it’s my turn. mwahahaha! :p

So I got my hands on a couple of fluxx blanxx cards. I need ideas people. I’ve already got the gay, furry and agenda keepers planned out so I have goals of the “homosexual agenda”, “fur fags”

But I need more ideas since my UV blue vodka soaked brain isn’t coming up with anything.

I also need zombie fluxx apparently since that’s the only way to learn to use this creeper card that came in my blanxx packs.

So everyone is on a tirade about the basic accounts. So here are some quick stats from my own journal for everyon to mull over since the claim is that free accounts generate all the content.

of the Basic users on my friends list,
32% have posted in the last week
18% have posted in the last month
26% have posted in the last year
24% have not posted in over a year

Of the plus accounts (what essentially replaced basic accounts):
33% have posted in the last week
25% have posted in the last month
17% have posted in the last year
25% have not posted in over a year

Of all the other types of accounts (paid, perm, early adopter):
54% have posted in the last week
8% have posted in the last month
23% have posted in the last year
15% have not posted in over a year

The only other thing I’ll make about people who don’t want ads…stop using google, watching TV, going to the movies, walking through the malls or anything else that advertising subsidizes. Prove your point and put your money where your mouth is. I’ll see you all at the stone on the north end of town…It’s the safe place with none of this and is free…except the bus ride…which has ads…so don’t ride that either.

It’s late, so I may not be coherent.

Guardian helped me troubleshoot my car. It appears that oil is leaking into my cylinder from the pcv valve, I replaced that but it appears there is still oil leaking into it….I’ll have to figure something out.

I saw doomsday…I enjoyed it for the simplicity and obvious attempts to look like a 70s/80s post apocolyptic movie.

the pwm module for the robot came in. I’ve been doing the conversions in my math to make it work with the robot….So far I’m getting slightly better performance out of my servoes which is nice, (actually able to use a full 20ms duty cycle for once helps a lot). I haven’t integrated sesnor checks yet to see if it helps free up the processor as I hope it will.

I’d had plans to help fuzz I thought this weekend but I never saw a time posted. :/ Oh well.

time for sleepies. Hope all is well.

I’m going to drag max out to Goerge A. romero’s Diary of the dead at the angelika on mockingbird and 75 at 5:45pm if anyone else wants to tag along. I know it’s short notice but I’m feeling impulsive. :p

After a few months of no server I have one again and my crappy photo gallery is back. This makes me happy. It even includes the year late copy of photos from scarby that storm took. :p