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It’s late, so I may not be coherent.

Guardian helped me troubleshoot my car. It appears that oil is leaking into my cylinder from the pcv valve, I replaced that but it appears there is still oil leaking into it….I’ll have to figure something out.

I saw doomsday…I enjoyed it for the simplicity and obvious attempts to look like a 70s/80s post apocolyptic movie.

the pwm module for the robot came in. I’ve been doing the conversions in my math to make it work with the robot….So far I’m getting slightly better performance out of my servoes which is nice, (actually able to use a full 20ms duty cycle for once helps a lot). I haven’t integrated sesnor checks yet to see if it helps free up the processor as I hope it will.

I’d had plans to help fuzz I thought this weekend but I never saw a time posted. :/ Oh well.

time for sleepies. Hope all is well.

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