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So today I was once again reminded why I don’t consider my self even a moderate republican despite the fact that I hold a lot of conservative views. The RPT held a session recently on who could have a booth and who couldn’t. The log Cabin Republicans (the homosexual republican sub group if you don’t know) petitioned for a booth again this year. It was brought up for discussion. Instead of listening to this guy:

The party instead sided with this:

Which, given all the jokes about liberals needing a safe space…I mean really? This is what I think of as “loving hate” and it’s not healthy. It show’s the actual hurtful face in my opinion because it’s the one that pretends to care but is clearly here to hurt a group of people subversively. At least with people like Matt Rinaldi I openly know where he stands and it’s adamantly against me, which gives me a place to start.

“Now Bobby,” you say, “We don’t ALL feel that way.” and that’s true. So I listened to more of the debate and then we came to this bit.

So I think it was quite clear that not allowing them to speak in the debate about them getting a booth is definitely not open minded. This IS what people like me see when this debate comes up. Thankfully the gentleman was there for the debate was well able to handle it and summed up my opinion on the debate well:

And he was right. It’s clearly what was said. Don’t beleive me? Let’s hear the vote!

I know people make the Reagan quote argument of “Bobby, you should join us because, as Reagan says, ‘The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.'” But I’m sorry that vote quite clearly says that being gay is 80% of what you think a conservative gay man would be. I mean if you won’t even take the gay people who hold ALL of your tenants except for being gay, what the hell would I do there? Because I don’t believe in everything on the RPT site. Far from it.

So the thing that gets me. Is R.A.M.P. gets a booth there. Which is against tenant 164. What is RAMP you say? Well that would be the Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition. So what the Republican Party of Texas just said is that drugs are less of an issue than gay people are. Congratulations.

And that my friends is why I’ll not be a Republican.

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