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Monthly Archives: December 2008

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I’ve seen this movie 3 times now and each time the audience has grown larger. The first time there were 6 people in the theater, the second there was maybe 15 or 20 and last night the theater was almost full.

Given Lionsgate has no advertising budget for this film in Dallas, and the audience is growing…That should really say something.

today is my last day of vacation…I’d intended to go home but my car started acting up thursday so no go on that. I have a lot of whiney things to say but am too lazy to say them. :p

I started playing furcadia again for a bit. That was the last game where I actually had a group of friends online to play with…I keep hoping I’ll find a group like that again (even if there were issues which aren’t really for public consumption).

ooh look, rum!

Max and I are going to see the 10:00PM showing of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

If anyone wants to tag along they’re welcome to. The cost is a bit high ($10 for adults, $7.50 for students) but it’s a film I rather enjoyed.

Yup. live 105.3 is now the fan, or a very annoying bit. Either way I’ve expressed my displeasure in this change in format and anyone who is annoyed should do so as well. Here are some useful contacts.

Here is a list of cbsradio stations in the DFW area. If you’re truely frustrated by this I encourage you to find alternate radio stations:

KJKK-FM 100.3
KLLI-FM 105.3
KLUV-FM 98.7
KMVK-FM 107.5
KRLD-AM 1080
KVIL-FM 103.7

If you don’t mind a little blood…Well a LOT of blood, but all artisticly needed of course. Go see this movie. It’s a hell of a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I went in with some relatively lofty expectations.

The plot is interesting with only one truely painful plot hole and the music meshes really well. Of course some of the words are spoken and not sung….So it’s not quite an opera but it’s damned close. :p

Go see it. Have me go see it with you. See it on DVD. Lets go buy costumes and I’ll reenact your favorite scenes with you. I really enjoyed it. :p

Max and I are going to see Repo! The Genetic Opera tomorrow at the angelika in Dallas at 7:45PM tonight if anyone is interested. if you’re coming and want to hook up text me so I can watch for you. I’m hoping to be there a bit earlyish but knowing that trinity hall is next door I might be…sidetrackeded. :p

edited date and time to reflect new plans.

Repo! The genetic opera is playing at the angelika….So going.

Max and I are looking at starting up eve online.  The person we were going to play with bailed out.   So does anyone else play or is anyone else interested in joining us to play?   I have access to my usual plethora of ventrillo servers or what have you.