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Here’s an over view of the december for each of the last 10 years…assuming I had an entry.

dec 1999: I was at tech taking digital electronic design. I was already a technologist back then and looking for the latest and greatest toy or idea to ogle.
dec 2000: no entries for this year. I was living with shelly most of 2000 and we were going to tech.
dec 2001: I was living in Houston with shelly by now. We were alrightish I guess but I couldn’t find a job. I was petty about getting a wallet.
dec 2002: Shelly and I went to visit Sarkiran and Tokeki. I miss them and wish I still kept in touch with them. Shelly and I were apparently dating Sammy at this point which means I was out as bi and we were dealing with furries.
dec 2003: We were living in Dallas at this point. This was the year that we bought the car. I still have the car. Shelly was supportive of me being down about not being able to find a job. I miss talking to her about things.
dec 2004: I had a job at the planet FINALLY. I was working overnight and dating Jamie and living with Shelly. The one post I read I was missing Jamie and had a nokia 6800.
dec 2005: Shelly and Jamie had broken up with me and I was in a spiral of self destruction. I took a lot of abuse then because I felt I deserved it but in retrospect I think I took too much blame.
dec 2006: I was living on my own and after taking a lot of kicks was not doing well at all. I’d made my mark on our CEO this year by not fearing him and by standing up for what I believed was me guys’ rights. I’m glad I’m not a supervisor anymore.
dec 2007: By 2007 I was dating max. I’d gotten through my major life traumas and he had officially moved in with me at the hell hole.
dec 2008: Max and I were living in our current apartment. I was espousing the wonders of Repo! the genetic opera. We’d also started playing eve.
dec 2009: Life is OK. I can’t get a better job but Max loved his christmas present.

10 years and I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to say other than this journal is too old. :p

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