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Well I had a wonderful birthday party. I saw Kevin, Storm, David, Max, Fai, Sharra, Warlockd, Kitra, Guardian, Rakka, Patrick all showed up to wish me a wonderful 30th. I had a lot of fun drinking and playing games. Turns out I’m really bad at pump it up now (screwed up my knee something fierce but I think it’ll be OK with a day or two of rest), but I still rock at one handed LA machine guns (thanks david for indulging my gun love). guardian has improved a lot at pump it up since I last saw him play. I got a pretty blue striped scarf from fai (Yay!) and an R4 for the nintendo DS from Warlock, cakeses from Sharra, dinner on guardian and lots and lots of hugses from friends (I enjoyed the hugses. :D)

Over all things were good for me on my birthday. It’s been a nice change for me from last year’s. Thanks everyone. 🙂

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