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I got a gameboy advance from Shelly for my birthday, dragon warrior 1&2 from her mom
and gradius galaxies from my family. All and all a pretty good haul 🙂

We replaced teh battery in my car. so maybe I’ll get out more now.

I’m back to sending out resumes. Yay. I just want a job and don’t want to interview.

I’m now on a hunt for my brother on furcadia. I know he’s on there I just don’t know
who he is.

I guess shelly isn’t in the mood to play on the mud again..oh well.

We’re going to Shelly’s Aunt and Uncle’s for their birthdays. her uncle has the same
b-day as me. Kinda cool.. We’re supposed to go see orange county this friday. 🙂

I’m back to programming the robot but not knowling what i’m going to use for sensors… I need a job so I can afford more IR detectors and such. I need anti fall sensors and
I think a leaf sitch is teh best bet.

Anyhow, I’m discovering my lack of rythm hinders my gameplay on ddr and pump it up.

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