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And I’m still sober when I should be drunk. blah

Oh well, Shelly and I went to Dave and Buster’s and played video games for a couple of hours. We’re closer to my gold card now! 🙂 I played 3 games of Police 911 and still don’t hurt so I guess that’s a good thing. 🙂

Mom and James and Rat are coming into town in a few days… I kinda wonder what they’re bringing with them. you never know with my family. I half expect Rat to have a PS2 which I know he can’t afford.

Anyhow, I finally figured out why the wallet bugged me so much… I had gotten my hopes up for some reason that shelly had told her mom to go buy me metal gear solid…I guess my brain was just really really full of wishful thinking there.
I’ll learn someday that I shouldn’t do that. It’s why I quit wanting anything in particular for my birthday or christmas to begin with.

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