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Last week I found an add on craigslist for a pump it up machine in my price range.



so I bought it.


So far it’s been good.  I’ve had to move some sensors around since the player 1 upper-left arrow only had a single sensor on it and the upper-right was abnormally loud.


I plan to systematically clean out the years of spilt cokes over the next few weeks.  It will be slow going since I want it to be functional throughout.


For the moment at least I’m really enjoying it.  I’ve worn myself ragged.   I’m having to reteach myself how to jump and have to remind myself that I’m not as strong or young as I used to be.  I have every intention of fixing the strength part.





This is the power supply for the amplifier.


This is the MK6 board that runs the game. It’s actually a PC.


This is where most of my work has been focused so far.


Over all nice system.


This is an exceed 2 cabinet


This is just a mess. They lost the original tubing and replaced it with metal pipe…I’m still trying to decide how to fix this mess.


Just the coin mech. I had to buy keys for this.

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