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I’m tired.   So this serves as a warning.  Those of you who know me well know that my imagination tends to blow things out of proportion when I’m tired.  But I haven’t made a post in a while so I figured I’d ramble a bit.

I bought another N95.  It should be in tomorrow.   It’s a lot of money but I REALLY enjoyed the feature set it had over the windows mobile phones I’ve been using.   It’s also nice to have a phone that most people in the US haven’t even seen. :p

We’re more unpacked than before but still not unpacked enough….I think we’re going to end up with another bookshelf for the games….And we have a lot of games….I really want to invite people over to play them.  This new place is much more hospitable than the previous one.   The rooftop deck would be a great place to hang out with a cooler of drinks one night and just chat..

I’m feeling disconnected from the world again.  It’s a large part my fault for living farther away from most furs and partly because of my abbrasive personality.  I know I have an arrogance about things I know about and my refusal to introduce myself at furmeets doesn’t help. :p   Oh well.

I wish there was a place in Dallas where I could rent a woodshop by the hour or a car repair bay….That would make things easier for me.    I need to find a place locally which will take a cut sheet and make me several cut pieces of board for my bookshelf and to finally fix the black arcade game.   I also need to make a shelf for my new stereo cahinet which houses my turn table.

I’m frustrated that there is not enough storage space to hide all the boxes I have accumulated.

I bought clothes last weekend…I now have 10 3xLT shirts from dillards.  Standard black affairs of course…But it replaces my old lot.  I also have 2 pair of black shorts and 2 new belts….It’s nice to have new clothing after a year and a half.

I’m looking for a new job again.  The one I have is getting silly and childish in what I have to do.  I’m tired of all the gay jokes, the fart jokes, and having to fend off the random comment about my weight…It’s one thing if I make the joke about myself…It’s completely another if I’m being serious and working on a technical issue and the people around me start making fat jokes.

I’m trying to get on a regular diet but it’s a challenge…I miss having Shelly around to help me plan meals.   This isn’t something I’m good at doing and Max is as bad as I am about planning meals in advance.

He’s in Vegas right now.  So the house is really quiet….I’ve been running laundry when I go to bed so the pops and creeks in the apartment don’t freak me out.  I’m ready for him to be home again.  I hope he’s happy right now…He needs a break.

I lent him my UZ camera.  I found pictures from the New York trip where Shelly and I went to see Jamie…It’s weird how a trip that brought me so much joy gives me horrible pangs of regret now.  I think I got something wired in my brain wrong on that as I should enjoy the memories I have.  Or maybe I’m still not over them.  *shrugs*  who knows.

I need to get another switch for max’s computer and the fileserver.   The wireless is not high enough for me to keep a stable connection in the bedroom.  I’ve already jacked the xmit power up to 200mW in order to make it reliable at 36Mbits but I still get dropouts when trying to watch movies from the fileserver.  I’m not going to use the catalysts this time around in order to try to save money.   I’m thinking a cheap green gigabit switch from linksys or dell will work.  It will still let me do roundrobin bonding on the nics for the fileserver and give max a bit better connection to it.   I can’t use LACP and I need to check the actual throughput on the switch but I think it will be better than trying to fund a dell 5416 on my budget.

T-mobile is releasing 3g here in Dallas this month.  Too bad it seems to only work with 3 phones on the entire planet…Bad planning on their part I think.  They’d have kept me as a customer if I could get 3g with my n95.

oh well enough rambling…Off to bed

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