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For furries/computer geeks/whatever the hell I actually am.  There are several phases in which one can measure relational growth.

There are the obvious ones, dating, moving in together, performing some type of ceremony in which people must do silly things like jump brooms or crush perfectly good glassware, etc.   However there are the more important but apparently lesser known steps such as merging of the DVDs, merging of the porn collection and the mother of them all, The Unification of the Entertainment Apparatuses’ Containtment Device!  (No there is no pretty acronym for this as it is too important to afford such a declassification).

That’s right.  Max and I bought a new entertainment center.  As far as we can tell it’s from the mid 90s and it’s huge.  On the scale of entertainment centers I’d have to rate this as a “Holy Crap!”  It’s rough specifications are as follows, H85″xW115″xD25″ or H7’1″xW9’7″XD2’1″ or (for the metric lovers) H2.159m x W2.921m x D0.635m or (for people who only understand things in rack sizes and assumes 6 inches for cab hardware and a standard 39.4″ depth) H48.5U x W4.6 Cab x .63 Cab.  It’s all black, except where it isn’t divides into 3 units for transport weighs a metric crapton and has, get this, a dry bar built in!

I’ll post pictures once we get it leveled and wire management worked out.

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