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I think most of you know I’m agnostic (not to be confused with Athiest).  I do think there is a higher power out there but I don’t know or even think I’d ever be able to know who or what that power is.   There are too many coincidences in life that make me think that someone is pulling the strings, even if I don’t like it.


Yesterday,  I was given an award at work for my long tireless hours trying to make the company work and feeling it a thankless job.  This award came with a check.  It was $500 before taxes but $326 and change after.    I’m on my way home from accepting said award and I get a phone call.  A friend of mine needs $310 before 6PM or there will be a warrant issued for their arrest.   If I had not just been granted the award I would never have been able to help him.   Naturally I said yes and willingly handed over the $310. 

It’s just too much of a coincidence for all that to fall just so.   I can’t bring myself to believe that there wasn’t someone watching out for at least my friend if not for us both.   Perhaps it was his god taking care of him through me?  *shrugs*   Either way the warrant really wasn’t deserved but he doesn’t have the money to fight it in court so it’s easier to pay the fine.   I’m just glad it worked out.

In other news I have the N95.  It’s fun to play with   t-mobile’s internet cries and I burned through the battery like no one’s business playing with all the toys. :p    It’s a nice phone and except for the lack of a keyboard is perfect for me I believe.

I’m sorry about the loud twitter posts.  I wanted them to filter to a specific list and then I was going to give people the option to be in that list or not.   I’ll try to get them to stop.

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