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So I took $40 out tonight and headed out to second saturday in the hopes of procuring something to occupy me. I walked away with $4 in 2×24 port patch panels.. Not a bad hall since I was thinking about getting a cobalt raq3. :p

I realized something dumb about me tonight. I was at Fuzzwolf’s place and his mate was engaging in simple pleasantries, “hello, nice seeing you again….etc” and I didn’t know how to respond. So I sat there like an uncomfortable lump on a log. I feel like I can discuss some topics relatively intelligently but I’ve discovered I have no real aptitude for pleasantries that are standard par for the course of living in society anymore. I wonder if I came off as rude or anything to him. :/ It wasn’t really intentional if I did.

Ohhh dang it I forgot I was going to go back and buy the knock off my little ponies for Hellpup’s cenobitization of them.

off topic: Amarok with the mood option kicks ass.

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